Hi There, and thank you for visiting Clean Water HQ.

My name is David Lewis, and I’m the creator of this site.

I was inspired to start this site after I realized that my local water supply tested positive for emerging contaminants called PFAS. These are industrial byproducts that don’t degrade in the environment and are now present in 99% of living organisms.

When I realized that the PFAS found in most municipal water supplies today have been linked to some serious health issues including cancer, infertility, high cholesterol levels, and thyroid problems – I wanted to understand what could be done.

While I learned more about the problem and potential solutions, I connected with experts who were able to advise on home solutions for this and other common types of water contamination.

As a result, Clean Water HQ started covering those learnings. We publish guides around various topics related to clean and healthy water. And we’ve also tested and reviewed a variety of different types of filters or softeners.

Because this subject tends to be quite dense, our team of experts is focused on providing digestible and highly actionable information that helps readers understand the water quality challenges they face, and what can be done about them.

Thank you for dropping by!

David Lewis

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