How To Get Rid Of Yellow Tap Water

Three glasses on a countertop that contain sediment and water that looks brown or yellow

From using a water filter to replacing rusty old pipes to simply running the tap for a few minutes – there are several simple solutions to get rid of yellow water from the tap. But how would you know which one works best for your situation?  The answer lies in detecting the cause. Once you … Read more

Why Do I Feel So Sick After Drinking Water?

If drinking tap water made you feel sick, you’re not alone.  While feeling nauseous from tap water isn’t the norm, there are a variety of reasons why it happens. And it’s not exactly a rare occurrence. The cause could be as simple as a biological response to hunger, acid reflux, or excess chlorine. In this … Read more

How & Where To Recycle Water Filters?

If you’ve already switched from bottled water to filtered water, well done! The United States, where most of our readers live, is already the second-largest generator of plastic waste.  You might wonder what to do with spent filters. While filters don’t cause as much waste as plastic bottles, it’d be nice if there was an … Read more

Why Does My Water Taste Sweet?

water pouring from a faucet

There are a number of reasons why tap water can taste sweet. It’s possible that the water is hard, there’s a pH imbalance, or mineral buildup in the pipes.  Most of the common causes aren’t dangerous, but if you notice the water was sweet after having nausea, you should consult your physician. In this article, … Read more